Allow us to remind you that Moroccan gastronomy is one of the world’s richest, thanks to the influences from the many cultures inhabiting the country. And so the title of world’s 2nd richest gastronomy was bestowed on Morocco.
Aicha, our cook, conceives her meals relying on seasonal products and spices from the souks for a result that is pleasing bot for the eye and the palate.

Breakfast is exclusively made of homemade products: Pancakes, toasted bread, cakes, jam, yoghurt, fruit salads and freshly squeezed orange juice, served between 8:00AM and 11:00PM, in one of the patios, on the roof terrasse or in the lounge, according to your wishes and depending on the season.

The lunch is a light meal made of seasonal salads, barbecued skewers, yoghurt or seasonal salad.

Dinner is the perfect occasion to discover the local fresh vegetables taste for starters, prepared as a salad or as a velouté. Then, for the main course, comes the couscous, the tanjia, or one of the many Moroccan tajines, similar to a stew, meat or fish, with a side dish of vegetables or dried fruits. The berber tajine is idealy suited to vegetarians since it is vegetables only.
Our desserts, nowadays often “gourmands” or from western gastronomy, can also be one of Morocco’s specialties: orange supreme with cinnamon, milk pastille, assortment of Moroccan patries, …

Our daily three course meal dinner menu is decided according to what is in the markets this day and can be found on display in the main patio.

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